College Quest. Making yourself irresistible to a great college, and
                          getting great money to go.
My job is help your child shine for college and scholarships so that after reading your child's application the Office of Admission says: "We want this person and we will give the best possible $ to have him/her to come to our university!"

Quite simply – beside helping your child discover the right college match – I focus on making your child shine in the five key areas the college admissions want.

I am a full service personal college coach: I will do what it takes to help your child get into a dream college with plenty of $$ to go.

In shaping the application story, I am helping your child bring out his or her greatness.  My job as your family's college coach is to cup the flame in your child's life so he or she has a better experience not only in college but in high school.

Besides shaping the application story, I also help shape your family's financial story, positioning you to receive as much free money from grants and scholarships as possible.

It's very simple: The first meeting is $300 and after that $185 an hour by phone, Skype or in person at my office in Oakland.  In this hour we design a clear and direct path to the college of your dreams and the money you'll need.  How many hours depends on what support you or your child need to get into college and apply for financial aid and scholarships.

This is my promise: In the first one hour session you will come away with a very clear, workable college application and financial aid plan.  How much further support you and your family need depends on what is missing for your child and the assistance he or she needs to create and shape their story for college, scholarship, and financial aid applications.