College Quest. Making yourself irresistible to a great college, and
                          getting great money to go.
“Dr. Austin not only helped my daughter get into Stanford, but she helped our whole family get through the process!” - Dean Fisch

“I was worried that Barbara only worked with top students from needy families but she did her magic with my 3.2 average son and our middle class finances and got him into Occidental with more than enough money.” - Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Maloney

“In Northern California Barbara is considered a legend - she has helped hundreds of students from all walks of life get their stories together in such a way that their applications shine out like stars to the best colleges. I unequivocally refer her.” - Dr. Harry Feld, son at Cornell

“She is fun yet stern and very compassionate. Barbara brought out my teenage daughter's greatness.” - Maria Morielle, daughter at USC

“Barbara's coaching got me into Columbia with a 50% scholarship and a 2.7 average” - Robert Rafton