College Quest. Making yourself irresistible to a great college, and
                          getting great money to go.
College Quest Coaching Programs
First Meeting Details
Rates Descriptions


Initial Meeting $300

4-1 hour sessions $1500

6-1 hour sessions $2300

8-1 hour sessions $3000

• 1-hour sessions starting in 8, 9, 10 grades. If you decide to work with me, the initial fee will be applied towards a Package. During this meeting we usually go over the following:

• An overview of what it takes to get into a great college

• Take a look at what your son/daughter has going for them in terms of GPA

• Finding out where their gaps are and coming up with strategies to close those gaps

• At the end of that hour, you will have the beginnings of a good plan on helping them reach the next level, including some direction, strategies and shortcuts.

"CollegeStar" Program: 11th-12th grade (one year)
Rate Description


• Nonrefundable downpayment (covers last 3 months of program)

• $400 a month until Feb 1st of the senior year

• 5% discount on total cost for FULL payment up front

• After January 1st the 2nd Semester of their Junior year the payment is $6000.


"SuperStar" Program: 9th- 10th through the 12th
Rate Description


Nonrefundable downpayment (covers last 3 months of program)

$400 a month until Feb 1st of senior year

10% discount on total cost for FULL payment up front


Packages include (depending on grade and issues needed) help with:
  • GPA
  • Testing Advice (SATs, ACTs, Subject Tests)
  • High School course selection
  • Leadership development
  • Volunteer development
  • Talent development
  • Extracurricular development
  • Awards and Honors development
  • Summer choices--workshops, competitive camps, internships, longer volunteer experiences at home or abroad, etc.
  • Early College Programs--USC, Bard etc.
  • Interviewing skills
  • College Choice
  • Major/Careers
  • College Programs--Coop, 3/2 programs, accelerated med and engineering schools, 5 year BS/MS programs etc.
  • College Tours

CollegeStar & SuperStar Programs include all of the above and more:
  • Development of story and irresistible essays
  • Positioning
  • 2 min. Elevator Speech
  • Recommendations
  • Early Decision etc.
  • Filling out and Bullet proofing applications
  • Scholarship Portfolio
  • Financial Aid & scholarships Etc.

The key difference between individual packages and the CollegeStar and SuperStar Program is time & commitment...the Packages are 4,6,8 one hour sessions, the Programs I do what it takes to position students to be as irresistible as possible to get into any college they want. In the Programs I meet as often as needed to get this done: one on one meetings, via Skype, FaceTime, cell phone, text or email.

The College Star Program--starts in Junior year and goes to college acceptance.
The SuperStar Program--starts in Freshman or Sophomore year and goes to college acceptance.


The "CollegeStar" Plan
Rate Description

Meetings as often as needed after that until May 1st of the senior year when he or she accepts a college offer.  This includes any one-on-one phone calls, email or Google doc work during each month.

I will cover the following areas in our work together:

  • Finding the right college (one that truly fits the student).
  • Positioning the student well, that he or she is able to get into the very best college and receive the very best scholarship and/or financial aid package possible. Positioning includes college visits and interviewing, academic initiative and the highest GPA possible, leadership, talent, volunteer work, recommendations, Scholarship Portfolio, etc...
  • Writing essays worthy of merit scholarships and acceptance into the finest colleges.
  • Assisting the student with merit scholarship and outside scholarship applications.
  • Helping your family with all financial aid information — FAFSA, CSS Profile et al., positioning of your financial story for optimum eligibility, and then comparing the financial aid packages and negotiating with colleges to position the student for the best overall package.
  • Helping the student make a wonderful college adjustment so that when he or she leaves for college, they feel safe, happy and filled with well being, and call me to express, "This is where I belong!"



CollegeStar and SuperStar Program: $1200 non refundable downpayment and $400 monthly until May 1 senior year.