How It Works


This is my promise

In the first one hour session ($350, refundable if you join my program) you will come away with a clear, workable college entrance plan that will reveal what’s missing from your “star” and how you can improve it at whatever level you are in in high school.

My job is then to coach you throughout the months and years of high school (at whatever grade you start working with me) so that your star shines for your dream college and you receive a scholarship, if that is relevant. The Office Admission will say (as one actually wrote on one of my student’s admission letter) “We read your remarkable essays and were so interested and moved that we knew we must have you go to our college. I am sure you have many offers. What will it take?”

Five Key Areas

Starting 2021, many universities and colleges went test optional while some removed them completely (the UCs). Therefore besides the rigor of your high school courses, the most important areas of your college entrance application story are:




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Inspiring Story

I am a full service personal college coach: while I leave the SAT/ACT prep to others, I do everything else needed to get into college—essays, college search, choice of classes, all extracurricular activities, interviews, college tours, positioning your teacher recommendations, summer programs etc.

In shaping the application story, I am helping your child bring out his or her greatness. My job as your family’s college coach is to cup the flame in your child’s life so he or she has a better experience not only in college but in high school.

Besides shaping the application story, I also help shape your family’s financial story, if needed, to position you to receive as much free money from grants and scholarships as possible.

The process to get there is very simple but a lot of work! After the initial meeting via Zoom, if you are accepted into my SuperStar Program, I will start meeting you for one hour a time as we go through each area—including taking a Myers/Briggs test to identify your preferences, majors, careers, finding colleges that are a good match for you, as well as building your extracurricular theme and proving that you are an absolute star.

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